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Red Ore Zip Tour

Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest

Kaul Adventure Tower & Mega Zip

Remy’s Dog Park


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Red Mountain Park, in its current phase, consists of:

  • 12 miles of hiking trails
  • 7 miles of mountain biking trails
  • 2 miles of flat walking trails ideal for easier use and strollers
  • Red Ore Zip Tour Zip Line Tour
  • Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest
  • Remy’s Dog Park
  • Kaul Adventure Tower
  • Mega Zip at the Kaul Adventure Tower

And these hiking destinations:

  • SkyHy Treehouse
  • Riley’s Roost Treehouse
  • Rushing Rendezvous Treehouse
  • 2 overlooks of Downtown Birmingham and Jones Valley
  • 3 historic iron ore mining sites


Red Mountain Park can now accommodate a variety of events.  Contact Will Collins for more information at 205.202.6043 or


Brush clearing around the Redding Hoist House

Red Mountain Park trails allow guests access to 3 historic mining sites, including this one, the Redding Hoist House



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