Park Overview

The mission of Red Mountain Park is to connect our communities through vital urban greenspace, celebrate our history, restore the natural environment and provide distinctive facilities that attract visitors, promote healthy, active lifestyles and enrich the quality of life for everyone.

Red Mountain Park. a nonprofit organization, consists of 1,500 acres, stretching four-and-a-half miles between the cities of Homewood and Bessemer, along the ridges and hollows of the mountain from which it takes its name.  Red Mountain was the primary source of the rich iron ore deposits that—along with vast coal fields and abundant supplies of limestone—prompted the founding of Birmingham in 1871 as the first industrial city of the “New South”.

Today, more than a generation removed from the closing of the last ore mine on its slope, Red Mountain is the site of one of the most ambitious, exciting and historically significant new park projects in America.  Currently, the Park contains several visitor destinations within an 12-mile trail system open for hiking and biking:

  • Red Ore Zip Tour Zip Tour
  • Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest Adventure
  • Kaul Adventure Tower & Mega Zip
  • 3 Historic Iron Ore Mines
  • 2 Overlooks
  • SkyHy Treehouse
  • Riley’s Roost Treehouse
  • Rushing Rendezvous Treehouse
  • Remy’s Dog Park

Open seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Getting to the park from I-65 and Lakeshore Parkway

Getting to the park from I-65 and Lakeshore Parkway